October 18, 2009

Baby's First-Word Stories: House Review

Thanks to So Smart!, I received a DVD, Baby’s First-Word Stories: House (ARV $15.99), that introduced new words to Smiley Boy and also helped Little Music Man with his speech skills!

In this DVD, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Larry and Dee Dee will first introduce your little one to simple words about objects in the home, and then build sentences and stories around them. A deliberately gentle pace, engaging imagery, and soothing music make So Smart! a winner for both parents and young children 1 to 3 years old, who are just beginning to explore the rich world of language. Features 5 vocabulary adventures with your So Smart! Friends: Bathtime!, Who's Hiding in the House?, Sounds in My House, Where is Edward's House?, and Clean-up Time. BONUS: Printable Activities for each Adventure Included—10 Total! (PC and Mac Compatible).

Smiley Boy is just starting to speak a few words, so it was great for him to watch this DVD to introduce him to even more words. He was quite mesmerized with the characters, and he'd often squeal and make other noises, as if he were trying to repeat the words.

Little Music Man also enjoyed this DVD. Although he’s older than Smiley Boy, he has been going through speech therapy for over a year now, and Baby’s First-Word Series: House has been a great help in encouraging proper pronunciation.

I think it’s great how words were constantly repeated to reinforce them (e.g. using the word bath in different sentences), and at the end of each episode the characters go over the words that they’ve learned (e.g. bath, bubbles, etc.).

The fun background music helped to make this DVD even more enjoyable, and the characters are cute too!

Baby's First-Word Stories: House is a fun and entertaining way to get your baby acquainted with new words and to reinforce familiar words with older kids!

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So Smart! website.

Thank you to So Smart! for the review product!

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