June 8, 2010

Sid the Science Kid: Weather Kid Sid Review

We were fortunate to receive a copy of Sid the Science Kid's new DVD Weather Kid Sid and I knew my boys would love it!

In the PBS KIDS® Emmy-nominated television show, Sid the Science Kid from The Jim Henson Company and KCET/Los Angeles, Sid is excited to play soccer with his Dad outside in the Sid’s Special Sunny Dad’s Day episode--but he’s not excited to lather up in sunscreen, because it takes way too long to put on! At school, Sid and his friends discover that sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin from the sun. And they also learn about the amazing ways the sun helps the Earth...In Sid’s Rainy Play Date, Sid is supposed to have a play date outside, but the forecast calls for rain! Sid isn’t too happy and wonders if the rain knew he wanted to play outside? At school, Sid and his friends discover that rain actually comes from rain clouds! They also learn that rain is really important because it helps living things grow. In Sid’s Holiday Adventure, Sid loves celebrating the winter holidays where he lives, because it’s always sunny and warm. But this year, Sid and his family are visiting relatives where it’s chilly and cold. Sid wonders why it can’t be warm everywhere? At school, Sid discovers that temperatures are different all over the world! And in The Wind Did It Sid can’t figure out who messed up the pile of leaves he raked up in the backyard. At school, Sid and his friends discover that wind is strong enough to make sand dunes, waves, move sail boats, and even blow away a pile of leaves!

As usual, my boys really enjoyed all of the dancing and singing, as well as the jokes (even though they may not have understood them all), while they learned all about different aspects of weather-related subjects, such as what happens when rain hits the dirt, what happens to a thermometer when it's placed in ice or oatmeal, and how sunscreen really helps to protect our skin (it can even protect paper!).

It's really great how Sid, his teacher, his friends, and his family help to explain science subjects in a really fun manner, and how they also show activities that we can even do at home!

The boys seemed to really enjoy all of the episodes, especially Sid's Holiday Adventure. Even though Sid found out how cold it was in Minnesota, where he would be visiting Aunt Irene (29 degrees!), he realized there was a lot of fun things he could do in the snow--and I know my boys would love to see and play in snow one day!

Weather Kid Sid was fun and educational and I know my boys could watch the episodes again and again!

Shop: You can purchase Sid the Science Kid: Weather Kid Sid at various retailers online and nationwide (ARV $12.99).

Thank you to the Jim Henson Company for providing the product for review free of charge. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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