July 1, 2010

Our Toy Story

Is your home overrun by toys?

Ours definitely is...

And no matter how many toys I donate each month (bags and bags full), it still seems like there are just way too many toys.

It's not that I buy my boys toys all the time.

I think in the beginning I just got carried away...

I had very, very few toys (and clothes, etc.) growing up, and I guess I wanted to give my children what I didn't have...

And of course often times I find them more interested in things like cardboard boxes than the toys I've bought them.

Sometimes I try to "rotate" the toys--keep boxes of them in a closet, and then after a few weeks, I'd bring out the boxed up toys and store others. And it works--the boys get excited seeing toys they haven't played with in weeks.

Inevitably, with all these toys come the storage problem.

At first I'd try to buy storage bins and boxes, but then after watching a Peter Walsh DVD about organizing your home, I realized that buying more and more storage simply means there are too many toys.

Right now we have two racks of bins--one in the boys room and one downstairs, in which we keep all of the toys. When I find that toys can no longer fit in these storage areas, I know it's time to donate some.

I really don't know how we end up with so many toys...I guess they just all add up, little by little.

Birthdays, holidays, "just because"...

Ultimately I know that toys are nice and fun for the boys, but we also make sure to engage them in other activities.

Is your home overrun by toys?

How do you store them?

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Kathleen said...

So far we've kept the toys at bay, but my mom is constantly buying stuff for Soren (mostly cars, which are always underfoot). We have storage issues too, living in an old house without closets. Most of it goes in the attic, and I do rotate toys as well, which works great.

I've taken some of the toys to my parents' and my in-laws' houses, which helps. Plus when we visit, my son has stuff to play with there and it's new again.

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