September 10, 2010

Pirate's Booty Review

As I mentioned previously, I always try to pack healthy snack options in Little Music Man's school lunch, and thanks to Pirate Brands, I received a treasure chest full of Pirate's Booty snacks that are perfect for packing in his lunch bag!

Well, I have to be honest--most of the bags of Pirate's Booty didn't make it into Little Music Man's lunch bag...because we ended up eating a lot of it at home!

I've tried many of the Pirate's Booty flavors before, but Little Music Man only tried a couple, and Smiley Boy didn't try them at all before, so once I opened up the treasure chest, we all couldn't wait to dig in.

Aged White Cheddar is still my favorite, and it seems to be Little Music Man's favorite too. Smiley Boy's favorite was Veggie.

The Pirate's Booty snacks are so flavorful and light, and the fact they are all-natural is a big plus!

I admit I'm addicted to the Aged White Cheddar Pirate's Booty--our local warehouse club store used to carry the two-packs and I'd buy them every trip, but now they don't carry it anymore--I'm so bummed!

But whenever I catch it on sale at a local grocer I always pick up a bag or two.

Pirate's Booty is a snack that I feel comfortable letting my boys eat, and below are some snacking tips to help your entire family snack smarter!

Back-to-School: Snack Survival Guide
Pirate Brands’ Resident Dietitian Offers Tips on Snacking Smart

As another school year begins, it’s every parent’s hope that their little student will make the most of the learnings ahead. And now, there’s even a lesson in lunch – Emily Whelan Anschlowar, MS, RD, and in-house nutrition expert for Pirate Brands (makers of Pirate’s Booty), has created tips to teach children how to snack healthy and learn good eating habits for life.

“Children and parents have far more meal and snack choices today than they did just a few decades ago,” said Anschlowar. “While many of the current snack options on store shelves are designed to be convenient, they’re made with highly processed ingredients and artificial colors, preservatives and flavors – which doesn’t make them the healthiest snacking options.”

Consequently, it’s more important than ever to be thoughtful about smart snacking, especially when it comes to school lunches and afternoon treats. Here are a few tips on selecting snacks wisely:

* Show by Example. Your little ones look up to you, so choose healthy snacks and cultivate good eating habits, as they’ll be watching and learning.
* Know Your Arithmetic. Be careful with portion size – it adds up! If you can’t find smaller portions of your kid’s favorite snacks, make your own. Sandwich baggies are great for making grab-and-go, kid-size snacks – and they’re reusable, too.
* Do Your Homework. Become a savvy nutrition label reader. Choose store-bought snacks that boast a short and simple list of ingredients that you can recognize without having to use Google!
* Sweets Don’t Make the Grade. Avoid sugary snacks and cakes and your child will surely avoid the inevitable energy crash and lack of focus that comes with it.
* Fun Beyond Recess. Make healthy eating fun! Engage your kids by letting them pick out their own healthy snacks in the grocery store.
* Taste Not, Want Not. Last, but certainly not least – make sure the snacks are not only good for you, but are tasty or they’ll go to waste! As you know, kids have a picky pallet, so a delicious, fun snack will surely get an “A!”

Pirate’s Booty makes the grade! Pirate’s Booty is a deliciously baked, all-natural snack that mom can feel good about adding to the lunchbox. Pirate’s Booty is made from puffed rice and corn and is gluten, trans-fat and tree nut free. Plus, the snack is only 130 calories for a one ounce bag. Also, with Pirate’s Booty, you get more puff per portion – a one ounce serving of Pirate’s Booty has more pieces than a one ounce serving of most competitive snacks, so your little one won’t feel short snacked!

Pirate’s Booty is available in a variety of flavors, so there’s something for everyone! Pirate’s Booty flavors include Aged White Cheddar, Veggie, Sour Cream & Onion, New York Pizza, Barbeque and Sea Salt & Vinegar.

Look out for Pirate’s Booty one ounce/lunchbox friendly size bags in the natural aisle at your local supermarket. For added convenience, Pirate’s Booty is also available in six – one ounce bag multipacks!

We hope you’ll be inspired to live a little healthier and have fun while doing it!

Thank you to Pirate's Brands for providing the products for review free of charge. All opinions are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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