February 6, 2011

Cleaning with Chocolate

The other day Smiley was playing with a Halloween ink stamp and he wanted to stamp me on the arm, so I let him.

I forgot about the stamp on my arm though, so when I went to close a window, I stuck my arm through the opening of the WHITE shutters and a few hours later I noticed orange marks on the shutter from the ink.

I thought, "no problem," I'd just wipe it off.

But it did become a problem.

I used organic cleaners, alcohol, baby wipes, paper towels, soap--whatever I could think of to get rid of the orange ink stains, but nothing would work!

I was so bummed, because the orange stains were really obvious.

But then I remembered seeing something on a show about using chocolate...

In Hawaii, a lot of Japanese television shows are broadcast, and one show that I've been watching is 26 Hours in a Day. The show demonstrates all sorts of time-saving tricks, such as how to peel 5 eggs in 20 seconds, restore the splayed bristles on a toothbrush, or restore a stretched out neckline on a t-shirt.

One trick that was demonstrated was how to get rid of permanent marker on furniture. All it took was a bar of chocolate!

The demonstrator rubbed the chocolate onto the mark, and it started to disappear! It had something to do with the oils in the chocolate breaking down the stain.

Or something like that. I really don't remember. I was just quite impressed.

So, I thought to myself I should try it on the ink stain and see if it would work. The worst that could happen was that my white shutters would be orange AND brown.

I took a single chocolate chip and started to rub it on the smaller of the two orange stains.

And it began to disappear!

I was so elated (and relieved that I wouldn't have to explain to DH how the orange stains got there).

I started to work on the bigger stain, and that quickly disappeared too.


I'll be looking around my house for other stains I could try the chocolate on. Of course, if you try using chocolate to clean, just test it on a small area first since you don't want to end up with brown stains on your furniture.

I've always loved chocolate, now I love it even more!

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Jackie said...

Wow...what a neat tip! Thanks for sharing!

blueviolet said...

Never would I have ever thought to try that! AWESOME!

VickieB said...

Interesting, I never would have thought to use chocolate

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