April 18, 2011

When Did You Take Your Baby Out?

I remember when Musician was first born, one friend said how she was stir-crazy and had to simply just take her baby out driving since her baby's doctor told her not to take her baby out for 3 months.  

Another friend said how her baby's pediatrician said not to take the baby out for 4 months!

I think our pediatrician told us not to take Musician out for three months since he was born during cold and flu season.

So once he hit the three-month mark, we went out to a restaurant to eat.

With Smiley, even though he was born in the same month as Musician, we waited 6 weeks.

We have relatives that took their newborn on a trip at 2 weeks, a friend that took their 1 day old to the grocery store, and others who waited a few months to take baby out.

Do you remember when you first took your baby out?

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Sue said...

I don't remember my doctor ever advising me anything about that. I remember when my son was born, less then a week later we drove up to visit relatives in Maine.

GoodnessGraces said...

Mine was born in early March and the dr. didn't say anything. We went to Target on day 5, but since I had a c-section we didn't come home until day 4. There is no way I could wait even 2 wks unless there was overwhelming compelling reason like a preemie or something.

AB said...

I had my little one out and about within a week. At a week old, she was in a restaurant. She was born at the end of February. I think if you just take precautions during flu season, you're fine. The kid has to live in this world.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Mine were all full term and healthy so there wasn't any reason to coop us all up in the house which has just as many germs as the big bad world. I'd say a psychotic and stir-crazy new mom is more dangerous than the flu.

So, my answer, is we were out and about within a few days with all 3 kids.

Ralene said...

My first one (5 weeks premature), we didn't take out for six weeks, I think. The other two were healthy and happy babies born in Spring/Summer, so it was like a couple of weeks.

Kristy said...

Our son we took him out about a week after coming home, I was getting stir crazy and needed to get out!
Our daughter had Colic, so I think it was a good 3-4 weeks that we stayed in, and boy was I ready to get out and enjoy it!

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